Motorcycle Safety: Live to Ride Again

Take every precaution to protect yourself

Motorcycle fatalities in Iowa are on the rise. We can reverse these grim statistics by encouraging every motorcyclist on the road to follow a few simple, but highly effective safety practices. For starters, always wear a helmet and high-visibility clothing. Ride smart, so you will live to ride again.

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I never drive alone.

Are you ready to ride?

You aren’t ready ... If you don’t have the gear. The way it feels to ride — moving so fast, so close to the road — is like nothing else. But because we move so fast and so close to the road, it’s a bright idea to put something between our skin and the street. And not just anything. The right things, from the ground up.

Boots – Non-slip soles to keep your feet where you put them.
Pants and Jacket – Before you fire up your bike, cover up your skin.
Gloves – Riding gloves help you hang on with more control.
Helmet – At any speed, a helmeted rider is three times more likely to survive a crash.

Ride Bright: Make high-visibility choices in your gear, on your bike and in how you ride.

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